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    4 Benefits Of Giving To Emergency Response Charities 

    This-Winter-be-Their-WarmthThe Benefits Of Giving To Emergency Response Charities

    If you turn on the news any given day, there is typically some form of disaster going on that requires relief efforts. Aside from paid emergency responders, some of the biggest helping hands in these situations are emergency response charities. Because of this, you will need to understand the significant benefits of donating to them. They provide all different forms of emergency relief, including disaster cleanup, medical care, providing food and water and so much more. Their services are essential, so you need to consider the many advantages associated with giving to them. Consider some of these benefits below.

    #1: You Can Help With Disaster Relief In some Areas

    Whether you want to help out locally or anywhere else, it is easier than ever to give to emergency response charities. All you need to do is log on and provide a donation and you will be able to help them out exponentially. For instance, if you are worried about the situation happening in Flint, Michigan, you do not need to live there to provide relief. It will be easy, with the simple click of a mouse to help in those relief efforts, so your money can go wherever your heart goes.

    #2: Your Donations Are Tax Deductible

    Since your personal finance is incredibly important, you will take solace in the fact that all donations to these emergency response charities are tax-deductible. By lowering your tax bill at the end of the year, you might even find that you will receive some refund, which will be valuable to you. Make sure that you get records of any donation that you gave so that you can keep them for tax purposes.

    #3: These Organizations Are Always In Need Of Funds, So Your Donations Matter A Lot

    While there are many relief organizations around, most are always operating with the need for more resources. So you can never give too much! Just know that any given day, food pantries, emergency relief organizations and other charitable organizations are in great need of your money, and you will be able also to take solace in the fact that your money is always going to a positive cause.

    #4: You Are Benefiting The Greater Good Of Your Community And Beyond

    Any time you help other people out in a time of need; you are essentially empowering them to become active and productive citizens once they bounced back. Many people who get help in these kinds of situations then pay it forward and look for ways to help other people on a much larger scale. So by donating to one group of people when they need it, you are essentially improving the overall condition of your community, your country and the world as a whole. Reach out to United Muslim Relief and learn more how you can donate at their website

    Keep these four benefits in mind and do some research into charitable organizations that you can donate to today.

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    Great Benefits Of Health Mission Trips 

    The Benefits Of Health Mission Trips

    When it comes to your health, one thing is for sure — not everyone has access to the same care of information. For that reason, some organizations promote medical mission trips, which provide people the opportunity to spread the word about health and fitness, provide lacking health care resources and give people the information that they need to live their lives healthy and vibrant. If you ever decide to take advantage of one of these trips, there are a lot of advantages and benefits that you will be able to reap. Read on to find out more.

    Benefits #1: You Will Help People Who May Not Be Able To Help Themselves

    In some situations, people are not able to help their health due to their environment and the circumstances surrounding it. So by taking part in a program that allows you to help people, you are essentially giving them the benefit of what you have received. This is excellent for the mind, body and soul since your brain has a center related to gratitude and appreciation. When you do good deeds for people, it activates this portion of your brain and promotes your health overall.

    Benefits #2: You Will Learn More About Health That You Can Use In Your Life

    By taking part in these mission trips, you will also have access to information that you might not have had before. So you will learn valuable information that you can take back home to yourself and your family. These are lifelong tenants that will provide an excellent boost to your health and the way that you have learned to take care of herself. You may even be inspired to start some seminars in your local town or city to help more and more people boost their health.

    Benefits #3: You Are Improving People’s Quality Of Life

    Health is directly related to the quality of life. So by assisting people in boosting their health, you are substantially improving their overall quality of life. One saying goes “health is wealth.” So you are naturally stimulating the economy as well and empowering people to do more for themselves in many ways that go much further than standard health issues.

    Benefits #4: You May Be Able To Experience Some Tax Advantages

    Regarding dollars and cents, helping out nonprofit organizations is one of the best ways that you can experience tax benefits. You may be able to decrease your overall tax balance at the end of the fiscal year, which is an excellent way to keep more money in your pocket over the long term. While this is not the main reason that you would want to volunteer, it is a valuable one that pays you back for your time, energy, money, and effort.

    Take advantage of this information and these benefits so that you can research and participate in some health-based missions today.

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    About United Muslim Relief NonProfit Organizations In Virginia 

    The United Muslim Relief (UMR) organization integrates some global partners that provide a service of development aid as well as relief to underprivileged and underserved communities worldwide. The UMR achieves these humanitarian missions by combining some aspects that include empowerment by providing education, aid delivery, advocacy, disaster response and youth mobilization.

    The UMR organization in Virginia endeavor to ensure cost-effectively and targeted relief as well as some development programs that are aimed to improve lives. These programs are also designed to offer students the type of outlet that allows for raising support as well as awareness for individuals who have become victims from disasters that are man-made or natural, catastrophe and poverty.

    Additionally, the UMR n Virginia hopes to nurture an environment that includes compassion for the students while they provide outlets for global impacts, community service and a generalized attitude of giving. The UMR also encourages and promotes partnerships between other types of student organizations to achieve shared goals.

    The UMR is known as a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit group and has become one of the fastest growing NGO’s in the country with the aim of building up humanitarian coalitions to deal with some developmental requirements.

    This organization is based on a belief system that every individual, regardless of religion or race should be able to have ready access to healthcare, clean water and be able to sustain a maintainable livelihood as well as access to social services. Some of the services offered by the UMR include:

    Emergency Response

    An increase in violent conflicts and climate changes has led up to various humanitarian crises over the last few years. The UMR assists those individuals who are subjected to these conflicts or disasters by providing temporary shelter, food, clean water and medications.


    The UMR works with other humanitarian NGOs to assist them with delivering types of medical programs. The UMR also works on medical interventions on a short term basis and support other partners for medical programs for long-term. Some of these programs include the establishment of rooms for maternal deliveries, dental clinics and helping existing hospitals with medicine and supplies.

    Dental relief

    The increased costs associated with medical care makes it near to impossible for families that are impoverished to receive dental care. Even in more affluent countries, problems related to tooth decay is regarded as a chronic disease and is more prevalent than other issues such as asthma.

    Livelihood And Education

    As nearly everybody is aware of, the only way to escape poverty is to provide communities and individuals the tools and opportunities required to live a better life. The UMR supports livelihood and education programs and works with families in finding economic solutions.

    The UMR is also involved in other important projects that include sanitation and water hygiene and orphan care. These projects enable individuals affected by disasters and violent conflict a better prospect for a more peaceful life.

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    How much qurbani should I give? 

    In Islam, the concept of ‘Qurbani’ is a core component of the religion. It refers to the idea of sacrifice. It is a ritual that has taken place since the times of Prophet Ibrahim and has been passed down generation to generation. Now, while this concept is rather clear in terms of sacrifice, it can be difficult to ascertain how much one should sacrifice. This read will help highlight the nuances of Qurbani and what it entails for those who are unaware. It does not have to be as complicated as some can make it out to be as long as the process is understood.

    Understanding The Reason

    What is the reason for the Qurbani? It is not only a way to appreciate the poor and destitute, but also to appreciate the blessings one has in their life.

    It is about understanding what life is all about.

    It provides a way to let everyone celebrate including the poor who get a meal with the help of one’s meat.

    Once these benefits are understood, it becomes easier to complete the process and do it in the right manner. Those who refuse to understand this are never going to reap the rewards of the Qurbani.


    The requirements are simple. The goal is to sacrifice an animal usually cattle and/or goats and do so in a humane and Islamic manner.

    This means the animal should not be younger than one and should be healthy. If they are injured, you are not allowed to use them for the Qurbani.

    Timing is important as well and should be done during Eid-ul-Adha.

    Who is required to give in this regard? Only those who are earning enough to provide for their family. They are required to do this.

    How Much Should One Give?

    This is the reason most people tend to get confused. It is simple enough to understand the value of sacrifice as it teaches on the value of life and those around them. Yet, it is not as easy to understand how much one should be giving to satisfy their requirements.

    The general rule of thumb in this regard is to select an animal (i.e. ox, cow, water buffalo, goat, or sheep that is, at least, one-year-old in age. Camels are allowed as well, but should be at least five years old.

    They should be in perfect health when doing so. Spread the meat among the poor to ensure they have food to eat after the Qurbani has been made.

    This is a sacred tradition in Islam and one that is going to continue for a long time to come. Those who are learning about it should understand the nuances of this tradition prior to moving forward. Those who are not careful with regards to this could end up wasting their Qurbani as a whole. Don’t let this happen and truly recognize the value of this process and all that it entails. Once you do this, it becomes easier to do the job at hand.

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    Why Give Zakat Donation! 

    Islamic charity donations are part of their religion and they call it zakat. As per Islamic religion, every Islam should do zakat. Zakat is all about giving aids to the ones who are needy. Zakat can also be considered as the five pillars that form Islam which also include hajj, fasting in Ramadan, prayer and also faith. Any man becomes a Muslim completely when he follows all these five pillars. Zakat is the obligation on any adult Muslim, who has got better means and also mind. The individuals should have some amount as savings or their wealth that is called as Saab. If their money or savings is uptoNisaab that is a particular value to limit it. Then they need to give zakat. Zakat that you need to pay is about 2.5 percentage of what you have as Saab. There are so many quotes in Quran that refers about zakat. Any strong believer of Islamism ensures that they do zakat. There are so many things that you need to know about zakat so that you can be sure that you are doing things in the right way as things are meant to be. It is always good to ensure that you gather as much as information possible on anything that you are planning to execute.

    Objective of Doing Zakat?

    The objective of doing zakat is given much emphasizes in Quran. It is has got the glorious objective of upliftment as well as purification. Zakat is meant to be the Islamic charity donations that can wash away the impurities and sins of the individual who dies that. It is because of this reason it is told that zakat carries the sins or dirt of Muslims. Quran says Allah has created the world for worshiping him. The creations worship him with all that they have which include their material, mental, physical and also other abilities. The financial worships in Islam is not gone in vein but it is done in such a way that it reaches the people who are needy. Doing zakat is like following the commandments of the Allah. Zakat is a considered as a special form of worship which is meant to actually make the Allah happy. Those individuals who does zakat with whole heart are meant to enjoy all the advantages that Allah has offered if they do it in the right way.


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